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After the glory that has been Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Star Wars: Fallen Order I thought that finally a momentum started building up. After enjoying and completing both games, I would now(!) be ready and on fire – a Streak-of-Completion with my next selected games, and my Pile of Shame would finally start melting like snow on a first spring day.

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The first post on surveying my pile of games can be found here. I will try to track changes – e.g. additions, completions, stalls, delays – and also update play times to keep my process a bit more transparent. I […]

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Considering my previous resolution, I would I say I did not that bad. Still, a new year seems to call for a new resultion, and as such I did what probably everybody who is considering new years’ resolutions is doing: […]

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Update: 09. February 2020 Deleted Aarklash: Legacy (moved to maybe list) Added Darksiders 3 (found on PS4) Added Shadow Tactics Added Frostpunk Added Okami HD Added Pathfinder Kingmaker How to select my next game In order to find the next […]

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Today I announced – sponeanously and without considering the consequences – that I will not buy any more games for the whole rest of this year. So this is what may happen to you during an inconspicious coffee break. Funny […]


Oh wait… but can you actually – complete – Monster Hunter World? Of course not… but I reached a certain point of completeness, and this point was reached surprisingly sooner than expected. Funny enough, …

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I am registered at, GoG, Humble Bundle, and of course Steam with active accounts and mainly buy (or am gifted) games on these platforms. I also had to register on Origin and Uplay for some games, because publishers said […]