Intentions vs achievments over this summer

Intentions, intentions, intentions...

Oh well… so much for my proclamations and what I wanted to achieve game-wise over the summer.
So boasted to recapture my pile of shame, and as result I did nothing of what I boldly proclaimed.
Although, not true! I DID start Hellblade and I did start Wolf among us. I just did not finish both. And there is only one game to blame:

Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers

What an awesome expansion, what an awesome MMO. I got so hooked and added 330h from start of July until the writing of this sentence. Unbelievable. I am shocked.

Good thing is though, that I reached my first main goals and will take easier strides now, as it feels more like walking downhill now. Which is a good thing … I guess.

So what is up in the next weeks to come?

I will probably branch out into Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep with two friends of mine and enjoy time there, next to FFXIV. I will also try to finish Hellblade (not that much time left) and Wolf among us (stuck in Act II) and see how far I can proceed. I will not start Dragon Quest XI this year – this feels impossible.

For the blog itself I will unburden myself a bit and try to comprise one month into a recap, which will probably be easier on the writing, as work will only increase in the next months.

So let’s look … and see.

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