Surveying my Piles of Shame.

Just to give an impression on the vastness, depth, length, and composition I tried to quantify my piles and give not only perspectives but also dimensions. This will of course not be a complete report, but more a lengthy post. Too many intricacies and changes to cover, in order to be complete. So also here, there will be a notion of incompleteness lingering.

Before we start some ramifications on what is measuered and how I will approach these piles according to their medium. For games it is easy, as I will try to list (or link) my respective libraries, and go into what has been completed, what has been stalled, and what remains to be done. With books it is also easy, as I will list them along and I actually have an app for that, to better keep track. My watchlist mainy consists of anime, and I will not list series or movies, unless I deem them really noteworthy.

This post will be updated regularly, so changes (hopefully) will happen over time.

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