Author: Aleks

Completed: Code Vein – A good Game.

With – a bit of pride – I finally completed Code Vein in 43h (with 76% achievements). I am not saying I have – beaten – the game. Simply, because it was surprisingly easy to get through, and beside some choke points, with a lot of dirty cursing on my side, it was a quite pleasant ride. Mainly, because you are not alone on this journey and you can have a partner with you. Seemingly, this made a big difference.

Completed: Middle-Earth: The Shadow (of an endless) War

This is another difficult one. Difficult, because I loved the first game (Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor) and I tried to love this one too. But, it simply did not work out for us this time. And I think this game explains in its overall experience, what is wrong with monetarization and ‘open-world’ish’ game design in general.

My Destiny with Destiny 2

There are games, that you just find interesting and follow along because of their art style, their world or story premise, weapon or armor design, the game play loop or simply because you have...

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Game selection process.

Update: 09. February 2020 Deleted Aarklash: Legacy (moved to maybe list) Added Darksiders 3 (found on PS4) Added Shadow Tactics Added Frostpunk Added Okami HD Added Pathfinder Kingmaker How to select my next game...


(In)Completed Battletech

When Battletech was announced via Kickstarter, and released in April 2018, I was rather hyped and (of course) pre-ordered the game in its Deluxe Edition; Harebrained Schemes should get all the money they deserve!...

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Call for Recapture

Today I announced – sponeanously and without considering the consequences – that I will not buy any more games for the whole rest of this year. So this is what may happen to you...